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Jessica Jean Myers

EvnyDerm to review. Their primary focus is Lips & Eyes and more specifically plumping, lengthening and conditioning. They only have 5 products to their brand right now which I type of like. I hate when a brand tries to be good at everything instead of targeting a selected market and making one of the best product they’ll in that market.

With that said here’s what they sent me and here is what I believed!
7A Grade Body Wave Weave Hair 1 Bundle Quality Wavy Hair WeaveFirst up:

Lip Voluminzing & Conditioning Plumper
A pleasant lipgloss that comes in a variety of colours. I received Lola – a shimmer true pink. It’s a nice sheer colour for girls that don’t love a variety of colour or want just a hint of pink…but I’ll be honest for me I like something w/ a bit more punch. Anyone who reads this blog knows I do LOVE my bright lips 😉

That being said I will say it’s a nice, smooth gloss, would not leave lips feeling oil hair mask sticky which is probably the #1 complaint a whole lot of women (and men 😉 ) have about gloss. Also, I did feel like my lips looked slightly fuller and smoother after I put it on. A mega plus is that I got these results w/out the burning or stinging that’s common w/ lots of lip plumpers I’ve tried previously…personally I do not mind the stinging but I know it’s a big turn off for numerous women so in that case this lip gloss is certainly a winner! Plus it’s infused w/ moisturizing oils and vitamins to nourish the lips and peptides and tripeptides to spice up collagen within the lips for fuller, smoother lips instantly but additionally long run leads to as little as 4 wks w/ continuous use.

Next Up:
Eyelash Enhancement & Conditioning Volume Mascara

Now I will be straight up – I’m a very picky mascara girl! It is near impossible to get me to waiver from my L’oreal Voluminous Mascara. So what do I think about this mascara…well on the plus side I do notice my lashes are softer, longer and more conditioned…not dry or brittle and it doesn’t clump or flake. But I’ll be honest as a volumizing mascara it definitely needs some improvement. Even after two coats it just wasn’t doing the job for me…I’ve long, straight lashes naturally but much like my hair they need VOLUME!!! So while this mascara was good for conditioning and lash definition I used to be only using it for a primary coat and then I might go in w/ two coats of my trusted L’oreal Voluminous Mascara to get the true volume I desired.

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oil hair mask

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