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Approach to Solution to Grow Color Out Of Hair

Dyeing your hair a brand new color is a fantastic way to vary your look fast. But dyed strands could be a problem once you are ready to return to basics. As your hair grows out, your roots can be a special color from the rest of your hair. If you are planning to grow the color out of your hair, applying a semi-permanent dye is the best way to attain a more seamless transition.

Step 1
Wash your hair daily with a sudsy clarifying shampoo. Quality Long Straight Lace Human Hair Wigs Brazilian Hair For Sale This helps fade the color from hair dye.

Step 2
Allow your roots to grow out until you may see at the least 1 inch of the original color.
Step 3
Treat your hair with a deep-conditioning treatment daily for one week before dyeing. Stop shampooing a day or two before you plan to use the dye.

Step 4
Rub a skinny layer of petroleum jelly on your hairline and neckline. This helps organic products for hair keep dye away out of your skin.

Step 5
Dampen the ends of your hair, then use a comb to divide the hair into four equal sections. Use large plastic clips to secure each section in place at the highest of your head, making four separate ponytails.

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Step 6
Put on a pair of latex gloves, then squirt some semi-permanent hair dye into the palm of your hand. For best results, use a dye that’s one shade lighter than your roots.

Step 7
Rub the dye into the left two sections of your hair, avoiding the roots; only apply the dye to the parts of your hair that were dyed previously. Start on the front and work your way toward the back.

Step 8
Let the dye sit for 10 minutes, then rinse it out with lukewarm water. Repeat the process on the suitable two sections of hair, again avoiding the roots.

Step 9
Shampoo and condition as usual, then wait for your hair to dry. Use a hair dryer to hurry up the method, if desired.

Step 10
Check your results. If the color does not closely match your roots, apply another layer of dye to dyed hair only. Repeat this process until the dyed hair closely matches your roots.

Step 11
Mix the remaining dye with a dollop of shampoo. Work the mixture through all of your hair, including roots, starting on the roots and moving down toward the ends. Rinse well immediately after shampooing. The semi-permanent dye will help match your root color with the rest of your hair, so your natural color will grow back in evenly.

Step 12
Shampoo your hair daily. The semi-permanent dye should wash out after 10 shampoos.
Clarifying shampoo

Plastic clips

Latex gloves
Semi-permanent hair dye

Hair dryer (optional)
If you’d rather not risk a mistake with hair dye, have a hairdresser or salon stylist do the job for you. In case you do choose to dye your hair yourself, heed instructions and warnings on the product packaging.
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organic products for hair

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