Other ways You can Tie Your Hair

... Wigs Online - Wigs Australia - Hairpieces - Hair Extensions - CostumeShowcase your face by tying your hair back with a ribbon, scarf or elastic hair tie. If you end up in a hair rut — tying your hair again the identical method on daily basis — get inventive and find a method that suits your character and flatters your features. Add colored barrettes, clips or hair bows for further flare.

Back and Down

Tying a ribbon around your head keeps the entrance layers from falling into your eyes if you need to go away most of your hair down. Use a colored ribbon at least an inch vast or roll up a scarf or bandanna to realize this look. Hold the ribbon in a horizontal line above your head from each ends. Convey both ends round your head until the ribbon kinds a circle. Pull your hair by means of and tie ends of the ribbon together at the nape of your neck. Alternatively you possibly can wrap the ribbon starting underneath your hair and secure the ends together in a bow at the highest of your head.

Half Up

Tying half your hair up shows off your face whereas leaving some hair down your back. Comb the highest layer of your hair straight again, utilizing your fingers to collect hair on the sides of your head. Use an elastic hair tie to secure the pulled back hair in a ponytail at the crown of your head. For a softer look, tie the ponytail with a ribbon or clip it with a big barrette as a substitute of an elastic tie.


One of the best and hottest methods for tying hair, ponytails are additionally extremely versatile. Gather all your hair together and loop it via an elastic hair tie to carry it in place. For a more elegant look, half your hair on the side and secure the ponytail on the nape of your neck. For an informal, sporty look, collect all the hair on the crown of your head with no parts. For “pig tails” make two ponytails on the sides of your head.


Tying your hair in a braid makes it look fancy but also helps keep it clear and safe throughout the day. To make a basic single braid, divide your hair into three sections. Cross the best section over the middle, then the left over the center and repeat till all of your hair is braided. Safe the end of your braid with a ribbon or elastic hair tie. Experiment with a number of braids and totally different braiding strategies, like French braiding.

Hair Scarves and Bandannas

Cowl and tie your hair back using a bandanna, hair scarf and even a big clear handkerchief. For a straightforward style, fold your bandanna or scarf into a triangle. Wrap the huge side round your head at your hairline, bringing each ends to the bottom of your scalp. Pull the ends of your hair by way of and tie the ends together. Depart the remainder of your hair down or wrap it into a bun or knot to maintain it off our your neck. If you utilize a long scarf to tie again your hair you may wrap the ends of the fabric around your hair and secure it in a knot at the nape of your neck.

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