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Fashionable Long Hairstyles For Men

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Goodbye Skinhead
Gone are the skinhead, jailbird-look days, when you where a sissy or member of a 60’s British boy band if you happen to strutted a longer than average hairstyle. Men are growing increasingly aware of trends and latest fashions including 2009 long hairstyles for men.

No Punk Styles
Please keep in mind that punk styles are now not fashion and it doesn’t strictly fall inside the long hairstyle category.

Keep it Natural
Keeping it natural is vital, not natural scare crow or caveman. By natural I mean nothing excessive in term of cut, style and color. Urban look is very in in the intervening time. However nothing longer than shoulder length. In case you prefer somewhat more texture, then go for medium-long shag with or without layers. Scissors are usually not used to create shag or layered look but rather razors. Spiking of the hair to create the “bed-head” look is still very much in fashion. The secret here lies in the getting the look just right by appearing messy while being clean.

Face Shape
When deciding on the perfect hairstyle take your face shape into consideration. A long hairstyle definitely doesn’t suit every shape face and thus not every man. Draw inspiration and ideas from internet, movies (current, please), television and magazines from people who have the identical face shape or bone structure as yours. A Jay Leno hairstyle is not going to work on David Beckham. Ask your hairdresser or stylist for advice. He or she will know what’s within the height of fashion.

Grooming Tips
Use only the best quality shampoo’s, conditioners and care products on the market. Preferable Salon Endorsed products as you need to limit breakage, split ends and increase health, manageability and shine. Please use water and soap regularly as there is no such thing as a greater turn-off than a greasy head. If you are not big on hygiene, than forget about long hair. You’ll unfortunately have to go to your hairdresser more if you happen to boast with an extended hairstyle as trims are essential to keep hair in top condition.

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Marsudi Suwarnaadi is a hairdresser. He invites you to browse his men’s long hairstyles gallery on his Men’s Hairstyles Gallery.

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