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The Miraculous Castor Oil

Castor oil, extracted from the seeds of the castor plant Ricinus communis, has amazing healing powers due to the presence of an unusual component that has anti-inflammatory properties – the Ricinoleic acid. This rare unsaturated fatty acid is responsible for the castor oil’s remarkable healing abilities.

Castor oil has been a chief part of folk remedy since a very long time. My mother has had all her five children delivered at home in her native village in South India. And castor oil stood center stage during her prenatal and postnatal life. My grandparents brought home my mother through the fifth month of every pregnancy and gave her the standard castor oil as a ritual– a generous tablespoon of oil can be mixed in a warm cup of milk and given at night. This purged her system clean. Once the children were born, castor oil could be smeared on the newborns head every day to maintain the baby cool in hot summer days. If the baby was constipated, the stalk of a betel leaf dipped in castor oil can be gently inserted into the babys anus to offer instant relief. If the baby cried incessantly due to colicky pains, a drop of castor oil could be rubbed over the babys belly button and, if needed, a betel leaf smeared with castor oil and warmed slightly over a hot iron girdle would be placed on the babys navels. Wouldnt the baby sleep ‘like a baby afterwards

My mother would apply kohl to babys eyes. The kohl is soot that’s made by using as wick a cotton cloth soaked in herbal juices and dried. This wick is burnt in an earthenware diya crammed with castor oil. A pot is inverted over the flame, leaving a bit space for air. The soot is scraped from the pot after the wick is totally burnt out and made into a paste with somewhat castor oil. lace frontal Whether or not the kohl protects the baby from “evil” eyes, it certainly does a terrific job of cooling the body and sharpening the vision. Whenever we children complained of stomach pain, our mothers unfailing remedy was to rub in gentle rounds a little bit castor oil into our navels. It worked wonders, little doubt.

As we grew up, castor fell into disrepute, with doctors chiding our parents for frequently using castor oil to treat constipation. But several years later, I’ve now discovered its many uses. When my eyes burn as a consequence of constant use, I take a little bit castor oil on my finger tips and apply as a top level view along the attention lashes. I also apply it under the eyes to remove the unsightly dark circles. Whenever I dont get sleep and feel my legs restless, I immediately reach for my bottle of castor oil. I rub it under my feet, gently messaging the soles and the toes. You have to try it to understand how relaxing it can be. If I get stressed resulting from excessive workload and feel hot, I mix a bit of castor oil with coconut oil and message my head, and then I shampoo after soaking for one or two hours. There has never been an occasion when i didnt drop dead into peaceful slumber after this treatment.

Just a few years back, I came across Edgar Cayces writings and came to know about abdominal castor oil packs that could treat disorders involving lymph flow, like enlarged lymph nodes and pelvic and menstrual disorders akin to dysmenorrhea. According to Cayce, the latter is attributable to pressure on nerves along the lower spine that provide impulse to the reproductive system and subsequent disruption of the natural elimination process during menstruation. This could be relieved by utilizing hot castor oil packs.

To make a castor oil pack, a bit of flannel is soaked in castor oil and covered with a sheet of plastic. The castor pack with a hot water bottle over it is placed over any a part of the body to promote the healing of the tissues and organs underneath.

A castor oil pack might be placed over inflamed and swollen joints to relieve muscular sprains; it can be placed on the appropriate side of the abdomen to stimulate the liver. Similarly, to relieve constipation and other digestive disorders, the pack is placed over the solar plexus; and to treat menstrual irregularities and uterine and ovarian cysts, the pack is placed over the lower abdomen. Castor oil pack placed over swollen lymph nodes removes toxins from the positioning and improves the circulation of the rachele welch lymph.

Many women do swear by way of castor oil to induce labor. Even though I’ve come across success stories, I would advise consulting a reliable doctor.

Virgin Body Wave Hair Closure Three part Middle Part and Free PartHowever, I recommend castor oil as your convenient beauty aid and a handy home remedy. You may use it over chapped lips. It’s possible you’ll try removing warts by applying castor oil mixed with baking soda. This application can even soften and remove calluses from the feet. To maintain your body smooth and supple, you’ll be able to mix castor oil with coconut oil and apply it all around the body. This works better than any commercially available moisturizer.

The ancient medical system of India, the Ayurveda, extensively uses castor oil to promote luxurious hair and to treat constipation. Castor oil heals ulcers in the large intestine and is helpful in treating piles.

rachele welch

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