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Latest Trends In Anarkali And Punjabi Suits

Before we discuss Anarkali suits, first let me ask you a simple question. Are you into classics Bollywood classics to be precise. Have you ever watched the movie ‘Anarkali’ released in 1953 or ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ in 1960 If yes, you have got all the more reason to be fascinated with this exquisite Mughal era costume. Anarkali is said to have been an incredible beauty and her story is immortalized because she was buried alive by Emperor Akbar for having an affair together with his son Salim, later to be called Emperor Jahangir. It is not just this intriguing story that makes Anarkali probably the most fascinating characters of Indian history but her inspiring costume entices yet one more fascination as well. Cleopatra and gold, Anarkali and her ensemble! The world owes much to history in fashion because it owes nature.

As a dancer, her costume indeed was dramatic. ‘Anarkali suits’ because it is thought today is a combination of long kurta and bottoms like churidar. The kurta is fitted on the bust red hair and bangs and normally features large pleats that flare out across the legs like an umbrella. Sleeves usually full, short or half-sleeves, are tight on the arms and tight above the waist. Throughout the Mughal era these sorts of apparels were worn by famous dancers doing the ‘mujra’ or ‘mujara’ who danced for the entertainment of the Mughal kings. These mujra dresses evolved to be called ‘Anarkalis’ in remembrance of a great dancer and a passionate lover Anarkali.

The style too has evolved like the name and latest designers of Anarkali style are popular clothing in India and abroad. NRI’s and celebrities have made this a globally adorned trend. It’s now Fashion!!! And fashion red hair and bangs includes different prints, materials, embroidery work, stylish necks, designer’s art and competition among the many designers to run the cover page.

The frock has heavily embellished and embroidered yoke. The upper portion called ‘choli’ is heavily embroidered and its bottom is usually highlighted with an attractive border. ‘Cholis’ are stitched with latest fashion and designs of different styles in sleeves and neck. The ‘duppata’ of this dress is equally or perhaps more heavily embroidered and the ‘salwaar’ is simple in format.

This empirical suit will not be only making a fashion come-back but is the most recent favorite of designers to create a contemporary costume which makes the wearer look regal. The fashion industry competes hard on this sphere of evolving Anarkali dresses.

An Anarkali dress is also identified with Punjabi suits that are equally rising to glory. Here are few ideas about what is trending;

Baggy style short sleeves are in fashion again to compliment a bollywood style fairytale Anarkalis.
‘V’ necks have always been a fashion statement but in Anarkalis and Punjabi suits the ‘V’ neck is being played to develop new neck designs. Short sleeves with ‘V’ shape modern overlapped neckstyle is being promoted everywhere available in the market.

Sharp colors, contrasting colors is the highlight of Anarkali and Punjabi suits. It reflects Bollywood in its entirety. Temperate colors with light and subtle work could make one look wonderfully elegant. Black can also be probably the most useful color and so the Anarkali designers have focused to develop new range of startling Anarkalis in black to appeal to the young girls who seem to favor it over other colors for attending casual parties or functions.

Our bollywood actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai Bachan, Madhubala etc should also be given equal credit for making Anarkali churidar suits popular today. Who can deny the impact of television serials in this era which promotes everything trendy and Fendi Designer Anarkalis are best to be worn during festivities like Dusshera, Diwali, Eid etc because large embroidery fits perfectly to the festive enthusiasm and conventional beliefs of all festivals. Anarkali with large hemlines look best with soft, flowy fabrics corresponding to net, chiffon or georgette and reveal an inner lining of satin or crepe. Designer Anarkali suits are also manufactured from rich and heavy fabrics akin to brocades or velvets. These heavy fabrics on top of heavy embellishments would in an injustice manner suit only the slim and the tall ones.

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Since Anarkalis are a robust, loved, expensive, valued and luxurious apparel, it’s demanded for weddings hair wigs as well. Designer Anarkali suits manufactured from exquisite fabrics and featuring elaborate embroidery are just the right Bridal wear for a grand wedding. The grandeur and magnificence the costume has to offer is undeniable.

Who wouldn’t wish to feel like a queen
Now we have tried dozens of western gowns, silks and brocades. Trying to seem like a royalty is but a common desire. ” Elegance is simplicity taken to extremes” and this is exactly what Anarkali demonstrates. You’ll effortlessly turn heads while you flaunt the regal Anarkali fashion and Punjabi suits alike. This old yet new and evolving attire is up for experimenting, so don’t hesitate to style it your way. As all gentlemen say ”essentially the most beautiful women are those which can be dressed in traditionals”.

red hair and bangs

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