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Tips on how to Repair Your Hair With Olive Oil

1 Piece Of Straight Human Hair 100% Unprocessed Virgin Straight Weave HairA protracted an extended winter’s exposure to dry indoor heat, our hair needs some nourishing relief! Here’s the straightforward solution. This easy hair treatment will result in healthier, more manageable hair and a really clean, invigorated scalp. Olive oil nourishes, conditions, and improves the strength and elasticity of your hair, while the couldn’t-be-easier process is both stress-reducing and health-promoting.

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INGREDIENTS (enough for 1 or 2 treatments, depending on the length and thickness of your hair)

½ cup olive oil
5 drops frankincense essential oil (others may be substituted, if you wish)
remy hair ponytail 1 plastic bag that can fit over your hair

1. Pour olive oil right into a jar with a lid, then add essential oil. Put lid on jar and shake well to disperse the essential oil. Let sit for 24 hours in a cool, dark place. Shake again before use.

2. Rinse hair with warm water. Warm 1 tablespoon of oil treatment in the palms of your hands. Using your fingertips (not nails), gently massage the oil into the scalp in remy hair ponytail a circular motion. Repeat until the entire scalp has been massaged. Rub the ends of your hair with the remaining oil.

3. Place a plastic bag over your hair, secure by tying or with a hair clip or clothespin, and permit the oil to remain for at the least a half-hour.

4. Rinse well, then shampoo as usual.
Find more olive oil beauty tips here. For other ways to repair dry hair, try coconut oil or this great avocado-based recipe.

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Adapted from The Herbal Home Spa by Greta Breedlove (Storey Books, 1998).
Adapted from The Herbal Home Spa by Greta Breedlove (Storey Books, 1998). Reprinted by permission of Storey Books.

remy hair ponytail

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