Secret Extensions Double Quantity

White Hart Lane in July 2017. Only South Stand still standing here (visible behind new stadium under construction), but soon to be completely removed.Our Salon Version has SOOOOO Rather more Hair creating More Volume and Extra Size! It`s over 125% more hair than the original Secret Extension and we’ve got increased the length by 2″ to a total of 18″ and you may reduce and style them! WE GAVE YOU Extra! While you wear our Salon Version your folks will assume you spent 1000’s of dollars on extensions but only you and your wallet will know! And of course, no glue, no clips that damage your hair! You’ll be able to upgrade to the Salon Version and we are going to embrace a FREE HairClutch to store, model and protect your extensions in for under an extra $19.Ninety nine every extension ordered in the present day!

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