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Hot Tools Curling Irons

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I’ve tried many curling irons for my unruly, hard to manage hair and I’ve found the recent Tools Curling Iron to be among the best. Listed here are some of the professionals and cons that everyone in my group of friends agree with although they have each used different sizes of this same product.

The new Tools Curling Iron is available in quite a lot of barrel sizes ranging from 3/4 to 2 inches making it perfect for all hair lengths. The smallest 3/4 inch barrel is perfect shorter or thin short hair pieces hair. Once you set the hair, the tighter curls last all day. The 2 inch barrel is great for hard to tame hair specially you probably have numerous it and it’s thick and long. The barrel shouldn’t be only large but can grab lots of more hair at one time so it does not take forever to style. One in every of my friends with long hair even uses it to straighten – not bone straight – but to get good volume & fullness. Depending in your hair length and texture I am sure one of the seven sizes offered will work fine for you. I also really just like the shiny, smooth, fullness I’ve been able to realize.

This curling iron does heat up fast, in a few minute, and stays on the set temperature all the whilst you style your hair. There are up to ten different temperature settings which is ideal to handle all types of hair. It does get very hot so I would recommend you start at a lower temperature to determine what works best for your hair type. In case you are new to this kind of tool, you must know that for thin, fine, damaged or chemically treated hair lower settings are best but for thick, coarse or ethic hair you may have to go up to the additional high settings. The high settings are hotter than an oven at about 430F so watch out for burns specially around the hairline and ears.

The soft grip handle is comfortable and the 24K gold plated barrel moves smoothly through the hair and doesn’t tug or pull. I discovered the clip that holds the hair to have enough tension to hold your hair properly. The long 8 foot cord is great to have because you’ll be able to style your whole head in a snug position. Short cords was the one thing I found most annoying in other curling irons.

One problem with these curling irons is that the springs that hold the clip wear away in time and the tension lessens allowing hair to slide out of the clip. I am guessing the manufacturer should have realized this after customer complaints because now they give you two extra springs when you purchase this product. The springs aren’t very hard to replace.

Although I’ve been very proud of my Hot Tools Curling Iron, I do, now and again, try other brands to verify I am not missing out on some great products that may magically make my bad hair days go away. This is wishing you great, healthy hair.

short hair pieces

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