Sitcom Characters Who Spend An Episode Wearing A Toupee

Among the best treats we get at Halloween is neither a chocolate bar nor a sucker. It is the marathon of the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes of The Simpsons, the classic sitcom currently running on FXX.

of Chemical Trauma Hair Loss - Before Image - Belgravia Centre Hair ...Being a man with thinning hair, my favourite episode is discovered in the ninth season of Treehouse of Horror. The phase is named “Hell Toupee” after Homer is given the long locks of the lately executed long time criminal Snake Jailbird. The hair piece, in conventional Simpson style, in fact then takes on a violent life of its personal far beyond bumbling Homer’s control.

Apart from The Simpsons, a treasure trove of basic sitcoms have featured episodes relating to toupees. Here are a few of the exhibits and the characters who wore a hair piece in an episode, for higher or worse.

George on Seinfeld

Jerry’s finest buddy and typically worker of the front office of the new York Yankees (performed by Jason Alexander) had tried a rather malodorous hair restoration product from China in an earlier episode, but in a later one he bought an unimpressive toupee.

Fester on The Addams Family

Gomez’s uncle (performed by Jackie Coogan) coated his normally slick head with a hair piece that frightened even the extremely “creepy and kooky” clan the show was named after.

Emmitt on Mayberry RFD

After making several mysterious visits to the magnificence parlor, Mayberry’s Mr. Fix It (performed by Paul Hartman) makes an effort to look younger by donning a multitude of faux follicles.

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