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HAIR EXTENSION: Hair extension or synthetic hair integration is a days a powerful approach to extend good hair in keeping with your preferences. It has now turn into important thing for each movie star in addition to ladies around the globe.
Now a days these are typically accessible in several varieties, so it is very difficult to decide on best extension for hair.

Hair extensions are available in human hair, synthetic hair and combination of each.

Real human hair: Extensions make from human strand look lifelike. They are available in variations and colors. European tresses are skinny and golden coloured, Asian tresses are thick. Real hair extension is more preferable than synthetic hair extension. They’e costly.
Synthetic HAIR: This sort of artificial integrations are manufactured from man-made fiber. Synthetic hair just like human hair. These are available in many colors and kinds. These are much less pricey than human hair extensions.

Extensions are everlasting, semi-everlasting and momentary.
Totally different methods of attachment of integerations can be found in market nonetheless some in style methods are these.

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BONDING: Bonding might be a brief and cheaper method for sticking extension. Tracks of hair are glued to roots of pure strands that has a special adhesive. To forestall injury for natural hair, tracks should not be left for time for any week or two. The biggest drawback on this method is removal. Oil as well as heat are used to dissolve the glue that takes a very long time for removal. If glue is just not eliminated properly, it damages pure magnificence.

FUSION: It the perfect methodology for attachment.25-50 strands of real human hair extensions at a time are glued to pure hair utilizing a plastic template that protects the scalp. This course of is time consuming nonetheless the result is beautiful and appearance like natural. When you鈥檇 like to remove the extensions, something is applied that turns a glue into a powder, which may be easily soft.

Steel TUBING: Small metallic tube is applied onto the real end of strand to attach artificial integerations. This type of extensions will be onerous to eradicate and generally can hurt the real hair. Utilizing this method is suitable for thicker hair.
It’s essential care of extensions simply as real hair, different strategies for caring are these.

WASHING: Because you keep your pure hair neat and clear, equally you must keep your extensions clear. Wash your extension after work, exercise and so forth. Brush your integeration and take off all tangles. Following this wash it with high quality shampoo refers by your stylist.
STYLING: Use brush of sentimental bristles. Brush the hair 2 or three occasions per day. At all times brush inside a downward course. Won’t brush harshly. Heat is dangerous for extensions, so don utilize dryer, straighter and curler etc.
SLEEPING: Completely dry your hair earlier than hit the sack. Wrap it gently to stop tangling.

HAIR CARE Merchandise: Use finest conditioner. To much conditioner and care merchandise can damage your synthetic integrations. Keep away from alcoholic products as it damages your extensions.
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