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Earlier than I get into this completely awesome tutorial, did you know that tomorrow is Ash birthday? Nicely, it is.

Make certain to depart this little sweetie some birthday love!

about Medium short haircuts on Pinterest - Medium short hair, Medium ...Pleased Birthday Ashlee Princess Flower Rose don remember the remainder of your identify!

And?! I looked over ALL of my pictures and don have any of the two of us together. Pssshhht. We want to fix that. Fairly certain my mom has all of these, Including the olmarriage ceremony pics. I did discover this certainly one of our kiddos collectively, although.

Awwwren they cute!

Now then. Are you able to make a no-sew ruffle scarf?

Me too. It really easy.

For this scarf, all you l need is 2 shirts in coordinating colors or only one shirt. Both means.

Cut six circles out of every shirt, or 12 out of the one shirt you’e using. It doesn matter if the circles are the identical size, or if they’e perfect circles.

Now cut each circle into a spiral.

Straighten it out/p>

nd give it a great stretch.

Do that with the rest of the circles. You possibly can spiral minimize multiple circle at a time. Take the entire ruffles and snip a hole into the least ruffley end of the scarf.

I solely holding one ruffle in the picture. It seems to be like there are two holes, but there is just one. I simply so proficient that it appears to be like like two. Or maybe the ruffle is curling so that it seems to be like two holes. Nah, it simply that I awesome! 🙂

Anyway, line up the holes and thread every ruffle through the other ruffle hole. That is de facto laborious to elucidate. Listed below are a number of pictures for a greater explanation.

See? Like that. Do this with the rest of the ruffles. You need to have six lengthy ruffles now.

Line m up the way in which you need m. Take one of many ruffles and put it beneath the other ruffles horizontally.

Tie all the ruffles along with that one ruffle.

aannnnddd you’e executed. Bam.

Isn it cute?!

Nicely, I believe it cute. When you don suppose so, then we can be friends. I child.

So, random story here might have a slight addiction with clothes refashioning and repurposing. Yesterday I was searching for a shirt in my closet. It a purple shirt with a gathered scoop neckline and 3/4 sleeves. Super cute. Guess what? It simply gone. I’e been lacking numerous clothes recently because I’e refashioned them. The purple shirt? I can even remember if I’e refashioned it. I sew in my sleep. Perhaps I did one thing with it while I used to be sleeping? I don know. It may very well be torn into shreds at the underside of the rubbish can with this challenge fail:

Dang. That was going to be cute, too. Just keep in mind that if you’e going to vary a frumpy oversized sweater into a brief sleeved ruffled piece of cuteness to NOT take in the sides earlier than you begin chopping up the center. Oops. This sweater was tiny. It didn even match my 9 yr outdated. So, I didn trouble ending it. Oh well/p>

Anyway, go chop up a few of your outdated shirts and make yourself a cute new scarf!

P.S. I ramble. So much. I sorry, but I promise it can happen again.

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