The right way to Make Equipment From Beads

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Use beads to make equipment. Common equipment are bracelets, necklaces, anklets and hair clips. Choose from hundreds of beads to make your equipment. Beads are available varied shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. Whereas making the jewelry, you can use beads of assorted sizes and finishes slightly than using all the identical sort. Craft shops promote beads, wire, string, clasps and other supplies wanted to make the equipment.

Things You may Need
Wire cutters
Jewelry wire
Embroidery floss
Jewelry clasps
Scorching glue gun and sticks
Alligator clip
Bracelet, Necklace or Anklet

Minimize a chunk of wire or string lengthy sufficient to go across the body half. Anklets and bracelets should measure smaller than necklaces.

Attach a jewelry clasp to one end of the string or wire. The way it fastens relies on the type of clasp. Most could have an eye fixed, or small circle, for you to tie or wrap the wire via.

Put the beads on the string or wire. If you’re using string, you can break up the beads with knots. Fill the string or wire.

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Apply the opposite piece of the clasp to the opposite finish of the string or wire.

Hair Clip

Cut a 6-inch piece of wire with the wire cutters. Fold over one centimeter at one end of the wire.

Thread four to six beads onto the wire. Bend the wire after the last bead so the bare wire sits parallel to the beads. Add four to six beads to that piece. Twist the underside of the 2 pieces collectively. Bend the bare wire once more so it is parallel to the other beads. Repeat the process until you might be out of wire. Bend the final centimeter of wire to hold beads in place.

Plug in a scorching glue gun. Apply a line of scorching glue to an alligator clips. Press the wire beaded piece onto the glue. Hold for 10 seconds. Let dry.

Suggestions & Warnings
By no means lower wire with scissors. It places nicks within the blades.
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