The right way to Tie Your Hair Into a Bun

Residence Ec one hundred and one is superior. I am deficient in all things residence ec-y. For instance, I never discovered how to put my hair in a proper bun. Oh, and the way am I supposed to figure out the place the heck to go for a haircut in a new town?


in your face like I do, and want to learn how to make your face look ...Bunless in Beantown

Ivy says:

I wish my hair was still lengthy enough to indicate you the way I put a bun up on myself, but I shaved my head in solidarity with my good friend Robin who had cancer. My hair is growing again quite properly, but it nowhere near lengthy enough for a bun.

HD (16:9): 1280x720 1366x768 1600x900 1920x1080So, I’e used my daughter as the model for learn how to make a bun. Her hair is beautiful in colour, however entirely unruly, so excuse any stray hair. Since right this moment was a spectacularly lovely day, and I’e used most of immediately to convalesce from the great tooth debacle, we went exterior to do her hair.

Begin by putting a hair thingy on the wrist of your off hand. This is particularly important if you’e doing your individual hair, because you’e not going to wish to need to cease and decide up your hair thingy in the course of the bun-making.

Collect all of the hair in a single hand as if you’re making a ponytail.

At the bottom of the ponytail, half-twist the hair and stick the finger of your off hand within the center, right under the half-twist.

Use your dominant hand to twist the hair around your finger.

Use your off hand to tuck any flyaways and the edges of your hair underneath the twist. Use your dominant hand to tuck the ends of your hand on the beneath facet of the bun. You possibly can, if your hair is prone to not staying the place you set it, use bobby pins or some hairspray to make it stay put.

Pull your finger out of the middle of the bun 揷arefullyand use your off hand to grip the bun to carry it in place. That is where you l be glad you place that hair thingy on the wrist of your off hand. Now all it’s important to do is pull that hair thingy over your wrist.

Put on the hair thingy. You l want to place it over the place all of your flyaways and edges are, this holds them in and makes them keep put. Twist the hair thingy as many times as essential to it feels secure, however not overly tight.

And voila! You could have a lovely bun.

Now, for finding a great salon in a brand new city, this is straightforward. Once you meet a girl with fabulous hair, ask her the place she will get her hair achieved. I’e been recognized to stop ladies in Goal and ask them. Individuals are always flattered when you inform them they have fab hair and almost at all times will hand over their secret.

Caveat: Don ask women who drive Cadillacs or BMWs the place they get their hair carried out. Their answer will probably be one thing like, 淥h, you simply must see Raul at Chez Expensive!and they l pronounce 淓xpensivelike 渆h-SPEN-see-vay However 渆h-SPEN-see-vaynonetheless means ridiculously expensive.

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