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Kolours Hairdressing: Choosing the proper Hair Extensions For You

Choosing the right hair extensions for you – where to start out
I always find when I am going to the hair shop, that selecting the best hair extension for me such a difficult task. When you are met with a mass of different hair extensions, in length, colour and styles, it could be a bit overwhelming to know the suitable one. So I’ve answered the most typical questions that I get from clients on selecting the best hair extensions for you.

Should I get human hair or synthetic hair
Depending in your budget there are two kinds of extensions that you can choose from. Human hair and synthetic hair. Kolours hair stylists prefer human hair to synthetic hair as human hair is way easier to work with, stylable and can be reused repeatedly. Synthetic hair is good if you are really strapped for money, but I might advise to not leave it in for more than 2 weeks, as it could possibly look tacky, static and frizzy. There are some good quality synthetic hair extensions in the marketplace that act like human hair. A superb example is the Futura fibre, which acts exactly like human hair, but can only be styled at certain temperatures. It is necessary when buying synthetic hair to read the packaging and ensure it suits your needs. If you are the kind of person that likes styling their hair and wish the weave to last a long time, they go for human hair. But if you’re the kind of person that changes hair styles frequently, and likes a low maintenance weave then go for synthetic weaves. Another thing to notice is that some synthetic hair extensions cannot be cut, it is because they work against the blade of the scissors. So again be very careful, when picking your hair extensions. Another point to notice is that synthetic hair is very good for if you want tight curly hair styles, because the curls will probably be maintained much better than with human hair.

It is preferable to buy human hair extensions on your weaves, but good synthetic hair extensions such as Futura fibre are a good alternative, and relatively inexpensive.

How many packets of hair extensions should I buy
As a rule of thumb I always advise clients to buy a minimum of 2 packets of hair extensions, never 1 packet. Depending on the style of the hair you may have more or lower than this.

Short hair extensions – short lengths in hair extensions corresponding to 8 inches and 10 inches have a lot more in the packet than other lengths and if you’re going for a brief hair style don’t go for more than 2, as you’ll probably use one and a half at essentially the most.

Middle parting hairstyles – I find with my clients that 2 packets of hair extensions for middle partings is nearly enough for a weave. If you need it very full then I suggest getting a 3rd packet, you will usually use 2 and half packets for middle parting hair styles

Side parting hairstyles – 2 packets is usually enough for side partings, but again if you need fullness and body then get a third packet.

Full fringes – usually when doing a full fringe for my clients I exploit 1 packet and a half. Maximum 2 packets, but on very rare occasions. When doing full fringed hair you don’t want the hair to be full, but flat and sleek, so not more than 2 packs of hair extensions should be used.

Virgin hair – that is all of the Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, etc hair that is currently available on the market. Usually a pack should be a minimum of 100g in weight. The longer the hair the less weft you’re going to get in the pack. I suggest with virgin hair to get at the least 3 packets and in order for you really full hair use 4 – 5 packets of hair – 400g to 500g.

Curly hair extensions (body waves) – with curly hair extensions I suggest 2 packets, the hair will lie thick anyway due to the curls, when you attempt to make the hair too full, the hair can are likely to look square and overfull, and you want the hair extensions to look as natural as possible.

When buying hair extensions you are always going to want a minimum of two packets for the weave. This will vary depending on the style of the weave.

What colour hair extensions should I get
I find plenty of my clients picking the wrong type of hair colour for his or her hair extensions; I think it is crucial to pick a colour that suits your skin tone and the time of year. I find that with clients you probably have a lighter skin tone go for lighter shades of brown similar to Colour 2 or 4, and when you’ve got a darker skin tone go for darker colours such as Colour 1 or 1B. These hair colours will compliment your skin tone and look way more natural. Also by way of the time of year, in winter I suggest having darker colours comparable to Colour 1 or 1B, as they absorb the heat and keep you warmer, in spring and autumn having light brown shades equivalent to colour 2, 4 or 6, then in summer having blonde highlighted tones resembling colour 4/27, as it keeps you cooler by reflecting the heat. By changing your hair colour based on the time of year, this can always provide you with a new and exciting look. Listed below are some more colour advice tips into buying hair extensions:

Natural Hair colours – for Afro-Caribbean women your natural hair colour will likely be colour 1B if you are darker in complexion, and for people who’ve a lighter skin tone colour 2.

Subtle highlights – subtle highlights through your hair can provide your hair bounce, shine and different dimensions. For Afro-Caribbean women I personally feel that buying a pack of colour 2 and colour 4 for lighter skin tones, gives a really nice but subtle highlight, and for darker skin tones buying a pack of colour 1B and colour 2 gives you an identical effect.

Highlighted hair extensions – a number of girls seem to buying hair extensions that already highlighted or a mixture of two colours, but are buying them incorrectly, by buying 2 packs of the highlighted hair extensions. If you happen to wanted blonde Beyonce highlights through your hair the highlighted hair extension pack to choose is colour 4/27, but I would advice to also buy a colour 4 pack aswell. This makes the hair look rather more natural, because the blonde colour 27 could be quite overpowering. So whenever buying highlighted hair extensions always buy the pack o f highlighted extension, then a pack of the darker colour aswell.

Red hair extensions – plenty of my clients need to have Rhianna red updo hairstyles for curly long hair hair extensions, but find it difficult getting the precise red colour that they want. The red hair extensions in the marketplace appear to be more burgundy than anything else. If you’d like really red hair extensions the same way Rhianna has it I suggest buying platinum blonde hair extensions or blonde extensions, as close to white as possible, then dying the hair extensions red using hair dye. Ask your Kolours stylist on more advice for dying your hair extensions red.

When picking hair extension colour take into consideration your skin tone and time of year and pick to suit this.

What length should I am going for
The longer the hair extensions the harder it’s to take care of. I advise clients to not go beyond 20 inches in hair extensions, beyond this looks unnatural and you end up with hair that is ratty, and hard to keep up. For those girls that wish to transcend 20 inches I might advise to go for two packets of that length, as one packet will make the ends look thin and scanty. If you need your hair to look natural a standard length is 16 or 14 inches.

Fringes – In case you need a side fringe I would suggest to go for an 8 inch hair extension on top of your normal packets of hair extension, this may give a natural looking fringe and is better than cutting the fringe.

Full fringes – For those who desire a full fringe get packets of hair extensions which might be the same length as this can give a greater dimension of the hair, and be better when cutting the fringe. You don’t want the hair to be layered when doing full fringed weaves and also you dont need to get a shorter hair extension for the total fringe because it looks odd and does not blend in with the hair properly.

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Layers – If you want layers in your hair don’t buy all the identical length after which ask your Kolours hairstylist to cut it. It is a waste of your money and hair extension, just buy different lengths. For the updo hairstyles for curly long hair layered effect I advise to purchase 4 inches apart in hair extensions. For example if you are buying 3 packs of extensions and also you desire a layered effect an example would to go for 16 inches, 12 inches and 8 inches, so whatever your longest length is, go 4 inches lower than this.

updo hairstyles for curly long hair

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