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Brown Wooden TrayYou know how to wash & care a wig?

Free stock photo of woman, girl, relaxing, nailsMost crush likes to wear a wig, as a result of it gives us a distinct fashion. However have no idea find out how to take care of it, and fallacious approach to care a wig, will make it lose its luster, becomes ugly. In reality, once you have the right brushing method, you’ll be able to take good care of a wig.

Before cleansing
Before washing the hair, it is best to take care first, making it more smooth, you need to use a wig special sparse (Try not to use plastic comb, so as not to hold hair.) Gently comb the hair downward from the top, comb out the dirt, mud, to ensure it clear.

Water temperature
When to make use of wash the hair, the water temperature also have requested, cannot too high, it is best more acceptable heat (about 20 degrees is appropriate, however not increased than 25 degrees) or chilly water. So as to better care, you can dissolve a few of the acidic care solution in water.

Soaking & washing
Let the wig soak in water for about 10 minutes so that may achieve a very good cleaning effect. And then, you should use hand to rinse gently, use some shampoo whenever you wash, conditioner much more perfect.

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