What’s Brain Wave Therapy?

Properly, a few of it could seem a little bit complicated and it may even sound like some odd new-age spiritual mumbo-jumbo, however there is actual science behind it all. Let’s see if we can take a gander at making an attempt to break it down.

Quantum physics explains, “all matter is organized by waveforms and frequencies.”

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Every part in this world is energy, proper? The sun is energy in light and heat, plants, timber and human beings are energy. So the thought is each object offers off power at a special vibrational stage, producing its own distinctive frequency. You’ve got heard different frequencies at a rock concert or when somebody blows a whistle. A few of these vibrations could be heard by the human ear, and others require sophisticated equipment.


So – you may have a frequency all your own. It’s the vibrations given off from every cell in your body. Your thoughts and emotions have distinctive frequencies altogether, and we can even see them in a mind wave scan. They’re represented by those wavy strains you see leaping round on an EEG monitor after someone has been linked to a bunch of electrodes by individuals sporting white coats. These mind wave patterns on the monitor are translating the velocity at which the neurons fire.


A neuron is a extremely specialised cell which transmits chemical alerts in your body. Various kinds of neurons make up the nervous system and transmit info via your whole body.

Go on.

Each time a neuron fires to communicate information to another neuron, an electro-magnetic spark of vitality is launched. It’s like firing a flare gun to ship a message. The more speedy the fireplace the sooner the frequency, and there are very particular frequencies related to the completely different activities of the body and mind. Each of these mind waves has a unique frequency set somewhere between 1 and 70 Hz, and we’ve assigned every of these frequencies a singular identify.

Ready? I hope you remember your Greek Alphabet…

Alpha is the frequency related to creativity and relaxation. The mind waves in Alpha are gentle and slow.

Within the Beta state, the neurons fire quickly like it is 4th of July. Whereas within the Beta state is likely if you end up centered and in deep focus (like right now!)

Gamma is the frequency assigned with consciousness and precognition, and it is usually supported by the other frequencies.

When brain activity slows down but your thoughts continues to be mostly acutely aware like before you drift off to sleep, your brain is in the Theta state. Theta is often related to workouts to uncover reminiscences and even previous lives, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Once you might be completely relaxed in deep meditation or sleep, your mind waves slow all the best way all the way down to what is known as Delta.

Still with me? Superior.

So now we come to the Law of Resonance. You could remember this from your science lessons in school. It states, “all energy resonates at a specific frequency enabling only energy of a harmonious frequency to attach to it creating your physical results”, or “when two vitality fields vibrating at completely different frequencies are brought collectively, the resonance of the 2 must meet. Both the higher will likely be pulled down to the lower, the decrease shall be raised to the higher, or they are going to meet somewhere in between.”

Say what now?

Principally, if there’s an object that begins to resonate (vibrate) at a certain frequency, and there’s another comparable object nearby, it may also start to resonate at the same frequency.

You may have seen the tuning fork demonstration. One tuning fork is struck, inflicting it to hum. One other tuning fork nearby can even start to hum in unison though it has not been struck in any respect. Cool! Possibly you are skilled it at a stoplight when some young music buff pulls up subsequent to you with the bottom in his car cranked up. Your automobile – and even your head will start to hum and vibrate in unison. Not as cool.

In mind wave therapy, your mind is uncovered to the frequencies matching no matter you’re searching for – focus, relaxation or reminiscence. This exposure enables your brain frequency to shift and truly match that particular frequency.

Based mostly on all the things we’ve realized to this point, it makes perfect sense.

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