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Big Fluffy Braidout wig store locations With Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding

Big Fluffy Braidout With Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding
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Did this video aid you
Jessica Akinfolarin: I like ur hair

Britters: Love your bonnet- looks like Toad from Mario
Mimi the D.I.D.: I cannot be the only one curious as to where that cute bonnet came from right.. I want one…Cute finish and gorgeous hair!

maiah lee: Love ur hair!! And miss Jessie’s products!
melish hamilton: Can you give me the name of the products in this video plllleeeaaaase

Saint Siren: Love your hair girly…and also you look such as you may very well be related to the Victor twins from BGC. Evidently you might be gorgeous!

devgene: You do not love looooongggggg videos
one95er: Yo videos be too long

Una Florence: Pretty! Looks really soft.
donuts 1: i love at the end when you were so happy lol awww

Amanda Kreul: I like it but its a little frizzy for me
CurveApeal: I knew you’d extra extra GORGEOUS with big hair……. 🙂

donuts 1: lol i like how much fun you were having at the top!
KekePfan16: You must wear your hair out freshly washed, without product sometime. I believe it looks great like that on you!! You may do a casual friday appear to be that! 🙂 Is that something you possibly can see yourself doing

GwendolynRaine: I think it is best to tag your videos like Braid Out on Texlaxed (or Relaxed Hair), in order that other people with relaxed hair (who need help) can find them. Anyone would assume that this was a natural hair video.

shan9081 x: are you transitioning to go natural it’s best to definitely go fot it! love your videos new subbie!

Jasmine Hopkins: It is best to do a vid in your current protein treatment.
MissVanity fair: I love your results

Atlanta Mae: I’ve a question lol, did you initially relax first before you textlaxed. I am natural and wanna relax but keep texture however my hair is SUPER coily and thick. So yeah what did you to do begin with

wig store locations

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