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Hair Products – 5 Synthetic Ingredients To Avoid

Virgin 3 Bundles Of Peruvian Hair Straight Human Hair Weft With ClosureThe majority of hair products today are made with synthetic ingredients. Unfortunately many of the leading companies are more concerned with profits and “bottom-lines” than with producing products which might be good for you. You may be surprised at what you read.

In this article Im going to share with you 5 common synthetic ingredients:
Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate – This is a cheap and harsh detergent utilized in most shampoos for its cleansing and foaming properties. That is usually made from petroleum and is wigs augusta ga often disguised in some products claiming to be natural as “comes from coconuts”. This chemical causes scalp scurf (similar to dandruff), eye irritation, skin rashes and allergic reactions.

PVP/VA Copolymer – This is another petroleum- derived chemical commonly utilized in hairsprays and styling products. Inhaled particles from this toxic chemical can damage your lungs.

Stearalkonium Chloride – This is an ammonium compound commonly utilized in hair conditioners. It was developed by the fabric industry as a fabric softener and is used because it’s dirt cheap.This product is toxic and causes allergic reactions.

Synthetic Fragrances – You notice on the bottle where it says ‘fragrance, this indicates a chemical concoction that could contain up to 200 artificial ingredients. The problems brought on by these chemicals include: headaches, vomiting, dizziness, rashes and more. Avoid using any products with the word “fragrance” on the label.

Synthetic Colors – You notice on the bottle where it says: FD&C Red No. 7, these are synthetic colors. Synthetic colors are known to be carcinogens and should not be used. That features synthetic hair dyes, they’re very bad for you hair and scalp.

In todays world of greedy corporations, the only thing that seems to matter is “making a buck”, or billions. Many will do anything to enhance their profit margins including adding ingredients which might be known toxins, cause cancer, etc. Many babies and wigs augusta ga young children develop terrible allergies because of those products. With long run use they are damaging and can cause numerous problems including causing cancer.

It’s important to teach yourself. There are also many companies that are creating hair products which can be wonderful for your hair. When you make the switch from using chemical-based shampoos and conditioners, within a very short amount of time you will feel the difference. Be careful though, there are various hair products that I see that are labeled organic and still contain toxic ingredients. Some of these same corporations are seeing that there’s a marketplace for organic products and are cleverly disguising their cheap chemical products for healthy organic ones.

In case you are unable to seek out chemical-free products in your local grocery store, visit your local health store or buy them online. (You possibly can usually get better prices online as stores have more overhead – employees, rent, etc.)

There is a large selection of natural products to select from. Remember to always read the labels.

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