You will need to NOT Ignore These Alarming Negative effects Of Hair Relaxers

What began as a lubricant for a machine needle, ended up as a cream used on our hair and scalp! Ever since the invention of hair relaxers, many manufacturers have made tens of millions and billions of dollars, advertising this magical product with powers to alter the construction of your curly and difficult-to-handle hair inside minutes! Whereas the new iron technique would injury the hair to an important extent, some companies presented hair relaxers as a “protected” different to make use of. One such firm was the World Rio Corporation Inc., the producer of the “Rio Hair Naturalizer System”, a supposedly chemical-free method that resulted in the hair damage of hundreds of its customers. Apparently the chemicals present on this formula had been so strong, that they led to hair loss and/or scalp harm of those that used it. There was a lawsuit against the manufacturer and the product was withdrawn from the market.

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Mishaps do occur, you would possibly say. Not all firms are as fraudulent in spite of everything! And now with the emergence of hair relaxers with out the presence of lye, their software is much safer comparatively. Well, such is just not the opinion of various medical specialists, who have studied and researched on the safeness of those products. One such research was revealed in the International Journal of Trichology, the place the antagonistic results of chemical hair relaxers were reported. The findings acknowledged that, “many of the samples had adversarial effects, which was as high as ninety five.Fifty six%.” The main points of this examine are discussed in the next part.

Adverse Effects of Using Hair Relaxers

Did you know that complaints associated to hair straighteners and hair dyes are the highest ones received by the FDA? The chemicals used in these merchandise are extremely powerful―you can very well imagine their harshness degree, since they’ve the power to change the essential structure of the hair strand itself! What these chemicals do is that they penetrate by the inner layer of the hair shaft (which is responsible for giving the hair that curly texture, along with strength and elasticity) and break the chemical bonds of the hair, thereby giving it the straightness you search. Once these chemical bonds are damaged, they’ll by no means be restored; repeated usage of those relaxers only paves approach for additional degree of harm.

The unintended effects include hair thinning, hair loss, frizzy hair, breakage, dandruff, split ends, and scalp irritation. The main points are listed as below.


The examine printed within the International Journal of Trichology discovered that nearly 67 percent of those who participated, reported frizzy and dry hair. Relaxers have a tendency to clean away the moisture of the scalp and hair, making the hair dry and brittle. Easy breakage is also generally observed.


Solely next to frizzy hair were 61 percent of participants who complained of dandruff. Dryness in the scalp and sensitivity to certain hair care products (together with relaxers) are amongst the numerous causes of dandruff. As already explained, the chemicals tend to clean out the natural oils of the scalp causing dryness and irritation, which may attribute to dandruff.

Cut up Ends

Because these merchandise damage the preliminary protecting layer of the hair, it turns into prone to breakage and break up ends. Specialists suggest not to use perms and relaxers, particularly when one needs to develop their hair lengthy sufficient. Hair relaxers boost the formation of break up ends. Repetitive utilization can lead to unevenness resulting from breakage.

The medical research mentioned above also revealed that almost forty seven percent of the users skilled hair loss, which may also have everlasting results in the long run, because the usage of the product continues. Not only this, consultants additionally counsel that the quality of the new hair growth might also be affected. Numerous instances of abnormal hair strands lacking in quantity and high quality have been seen.

Hair Thinning and Graying

Hair thinning and breakage was experienced by 40 p.c of the contributors of the medical examine, while 22 percent skilled graying of hair, as effectively. According to the Atlanta Natural Hair Care, “Overprocessing causes more harm leading to thinning hair, particularly around the natural hairline. …it is a clear signal of the damage chemical hair straightening can cause.”

Scalp Irritation and/or Injury

The damage is just not confined to the hair, the scalp also will get severely affected by the use of these chemical-based brokers. Small lesions, burns, and scarring have been noticed in lots of cases, which can also cause permanent bald patches in the long run. Not only this, continuous use of hair relaxers together with alcohol-based mostly hair care products reminiscent of sprays, gels, shampoos, and so forth., could add to the injury, resulting in scalp infection that can also have an effect on new hair growth adversely.

Breathing and Stomach Issues

One of the chemicals utilized in hair relaxers is potassium hydroxide. As said by the Atlanta Natural Hair Care, inhaling this chemical may trigger problems equivalent to coughing, sneezing, and different respiratory issues. Ingesting it could end in vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, and even loss of life. Prolonged exposure to such chemicals in any type is dangerous.

Consider the aforementioned factors to be warnings. While firms may manufacture safer options, comparable to the ones with no lye, these labels are successfully misleading the consumers. Lye hair relaxers contain sodium hydroxide as the principal chemical, the very chemical used in drain cleaners to dissolve the clogged items. It additionally has a really excessive pH stage. When shoppers turned more conscious of the harmfulness of this chemical, no-lye hair relaxers have been manufactured. Nonetheless, though not as much as lye hair relaxers, these “safer” options are also harmful to human health. The only distinction is that as a substitute of sodium hydroxide, the chemical current here is guanidine hydroxide, which is also a strong chemical.

One should fastidiously evaluate all of the risks concerned in utilizing hair relaxers. There isn’t any 100 % secure hair relaxer; in truth, consultants recommend that in the event you value your hair quality greater than the non permanent satisfaction that these straightening methods provide, it’s best to keep away from using chemical-based hair care products and go for homemade or organic products as an alternative. There are a whole lot of kinky and enjoyable hairstyles that one can try with curly hair. In reality, healthy curls look absolutely ravishing and intriguing, should you ask us. Even after understanding the dangers, if you want to use hair relaxers, then guarantee that you just get in touch with an skilled professional for this process. Most consider the health stage of the hair and scalp and recommend straightening methods accordingly. Keep away from using DIY kits for this task; remember, you are dealing with extraordinarily harmful chemicals here. Be as cautious and protected as doable.

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